The Essence of Facilitation | Sheffield | United Kingdom

15 - 19 July 2024

... we do not describe the world we see, but see the world we describe. When we describe [something], we create distinctions that govern our actions.
-- Synchronicity - the Inner Path of Leadership (Joseph Jaworski) --

The Essence of Facilitation is an experiential training course for anyone wanting to deepen their facilitation practice and for facilitators and leaders seeking to create more effective collaboration within teams and groups.

This course focuses on distinguishing specific characteristics of effective groups and working with participants to enable required characteristics to emerge.

Learning Outcomes

The Essence of Facilitation builds your capability to distinguish when something is missing in groups and to 'generate' what is missing. Learning outcomes include:

  1. Understanding key distinctions
  2. Accessing past experiences of the presence or absence of key distinctions
  3. Integrating knowledge and experience of key distinctions
  4. Demonstrating key distinction
  5. Recognising when key distinctions are missing
  6. Generating key distinctions.

The Essence of Facilitation is Stage 2 of Zenergy's facilitation diploma and builds on The Art of Facilitation (Stage 1).

Course Content

The Essence of FacilitationThe course is based on The Essence of Facilitation - Being in Action in Groups (Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey & Bill Taylor). An electronic (pdf) version of the book will be provided to course participants. It is the next book- after the classic Art of Facilitation, which we are sure is well-worn in your resources kit. 

The course will cover characteristics of effective groups (distinctions) or group flow factors that are present and can be recognised in high-performing groups, and the process of distinguishing or identifying these characteristics 'in-the moment'. When they are missing - the group can get stuck.

Distinctions include:

  • purpose and culture
  • safety and trust
  • powerful listening and speaking
  • intentionality
  • power-with
  • emotional competence
  • intuition
  • completion.

On completion participants receive a certificate confirming 40 hours of facilitation training has been undertaken. The course is limited to a maximum of twelve participants.


Monday 15 - Friday 19 July 2024
Sheffield, United Kingdom
(in-person and/or hybrid)

The Essence of Facilitation training course involves active participation in:

  • a pre-course conversation with one of our trainers (~30min)
  • 4.5 days of experiential facilitation training (7-8 hours per day*) + individual session preparation (~30min per day)
  • a post-course debrief with one of our trainers (~3omin).

* The course starts at 10 am on Monday 15 July 2024 and ends at 1 pm on Friday 19 July.

What our clients say about the course


Course fees sustain our trainers and enable Zenergy Global to continue supporting whole people cooperating in a sustainable world:

2250 GBP + VAT for early bird registration, if paid by 15 June  2024

2500 GBP + VAT after that. 

And if it's been a while and you would like to review Stage 2, we can offer you a special price of 900 GBP + VAT.


Simone Maus is our Zenergy Trainer in Melbourne Australia and has been a trainer with Zenergy Global since 2013. She was born in Leipzig, Germany in the land of the Saxon people. In 2015 she relocated from New Zealand to Australia and brought the Zenergy work with her and established Zenergy Global Australia. Simone is active with the Australasian and International Facilitator Networks (AFN, IAF) and also delivers Zenergy programs in Europe and the UK. Since its establishment in Australia, Zenergy Global Australia has been growing and had several programs delivered all over the world.

Simone is an experienced facilitator, coach and trainer working in government, corporate business and community sectors. She is passionate about helping leaders embed the spirit of collaborative leadership and sees whole-person facilitation skills as essential to effective collaboration. Simone is also our Tech Guru passionate about virtual facilitation. Simone has been working with large global corporate organisations over the last 3 years to establish engaging online meetings and conferences.


Corina is on our Zenergy Trainer based in Europe. Corina has been using whole-person technology for the last 20 years to get teams into flow and unleash their collective intelligence to solve their biggest challenges and serve their purpose.  Corina is super passionate about helping facilitators, project managers, leaders and entrepreneurs up-level their collaboration skills be it online or in person.


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