About Zenergy Australia
Welcome to everyone who works in groups and teams.

Our vision
Whole people cooperating in a sustainable world.

Our purpose
We enable Co-operacy.

We Believe ...
Co-operacy is the future of a sustainable world.
Co-operacy is a way of being with each other that enables leaders and teams to organically evolve.
Co-operacy depends on each team member developing their facilitative skills.
Co-operacy can be trained, learned and practiced.

What we do
We train leaders and team members in the skills that help to create co-operacy.
As Zenergy practitioners we make a contribution to new ways of being whole humans in a connected world. We do that through helping leaders apply theoretical and practical frameworks and processes that explore the possibilities of a whole person, co-operative, peer partnership approach to living and working. We call this co-operacy.

Our team
We are a group of Zenergy facilitators, trainers and coaches who are trained in the Zenergy methodology.
Our core values are: honouring whole person, equal worth, valuing difference, sharing power and reconciling separation.
Zenergy was formed in 1993 in New Zealand and is now globally available with offices in New Zealand, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Our Clients

Our clients and participants are individuals and organisations from the community, business and government sector. Below are a list of some of the organisations we either worked directly with or had participants from.