Stage 2: The Essence of Facilitation

The Essence of Facilitation is a training programme in which participants develop their skills and understanding of facilitation to a deeper level.

This is an experiential workshop which builds on skills acquired in Stage 1:The Art of Facilitation and focuses on the key skill of “distinguishing”, which includes noticing what is missing in a group's interaction in the moment and finding a way of introducing the missing elements while the group is in action.

Stage 2  explores a number of distinctions, including:

  • purpose and culture
  • safety and trust
  • powerful listening and speaking
  • intentionality
  • emotional competence
  • completion
  • affirmation and celebration
  • authentic community

Each distinction is first identified both when it is present and when it is missing.

Processes for  generating these distinctions within the group are explored.

Stage 1: The Art of Facilitation is normally a prerequisite to the programme, however, if you are an experienced facilitator and you are interested in attending the Stage 2 programme, please get in touch with a trainer to discuss possibilities..

Course Outcomes

  • Distinguish key elements of intentionality, completion, emotional competence, intuition, powerful listening and speaking, safety and intimacy, power and equity.
  • Implement group processes appropriate to meeting the group purpose and maintain a balance between task and process, and individual and group needs.
  • Recognise and interrupt patterned behaviour including sabotage.
  • Attend to distress in self and others.
  • Demonstrate an ability to recognise and respond to the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual levels of being.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of differences in group energy and to shift the energy levels using appropriate processes.

Required Text for Stage 2 (included in Stage 2 course cost): The Essence of Facilitation.

Comments from Participants

I valued: The rhythm, content and form, Getting out of my daily routine, Reflecting on facilitation and collective intelligence, Amazing course leaders

Zenergy for me is a source of energy, wisdom and self-love. I truly appreciate the approach to working with people - the desire to discover, uncover and set free what is inside every individual and with it in a group. The methodology and tools seem simple, yet they are deep and a great guidance for different occasions in my professional and private life.

Marianne Aerni, Strategist, Learning Designer and Facilitator

I valued:

  • Learning the ability to GENERATE the distinctions rather than just teach them .
  • Practicing Being with and Power with
  • Getting creative
  • Meeting amazing people

Rick Daly, Facilitator, The Zone