The Art of Facilitation | online (Australian and European time zones)

05 October - 23 November 2023 

Stage 1 of the Zenergy Diploma: The Art of Facilitation (40 hours) will run over eight weekly 4-hour sessions starting Thursday, October 05 and ending Thursday 23 November 1 2023.   Online session times are 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Melbourne, Australia time, AEDT).  The training will also include 8 hours of essential offline content and practical work between each session.  This experiential facilitation training is based on The Art of Facilitation (Hunter, 2007).

The need for ongoing effective online facilitation has become increasingly apparent over the past few years.  We need new ways of working together,  bringing our humanity and whole-person presence to this online world.  Participants will gain an embodied understanding of whole-person facilitation, developing skills in building relationships and accessing collective intelligence for the greater good of the teams, groups and communities in which they work.  A central focus of the training is to provide participants the opportunity to build confidence by practicing their facilitation in the safety of a supportive group without being exhausted or overwhelmed.

Course outline and dates

Online Format:  eight 4 hour sessions over eight weeks (mornings / afternoons / evenings depending on your time zone) plus practical work

The course is delivered over eight weeks, with one 4 hour online session per week (32 hours total) plus 1 hour per week of independent practical work (8 hours total).  This format builds online facilitation capabilities while also enabling greater accessibility for participants across  different time zones. Our delivery approach maximises online engagement and minimises 'zoom fatigue'.

The online course covers the same content as the in-person course: Creating the Programme, Facilitating Self and Others, Making Interventions, Facilitating Challenges, Integration and Assessment.

Session Dates

  • 05 October         Session 1:  Creating the programme
  • 12 October         Session 2:  Programme Frames
  • 19 October         Session 3:  Facilitating Self and Others
  • 26 October        Session 4:   Making Interventions (Halfway review)
  • 02 November   Session 5:  Making Interventions 2
  • 09 November   Session 6:   Facilitating Challenges
  • 16 November    Session 7:  Personal Facilitation Practice
  • 23 November   Session 8:  Reflection, Integration and Assessment

Session Times

  • 7:00 am - 11:00 pm  (London, United Kingdom)
  • 8:00 am - 12:00 pm   (Madrid, Spain)
  • 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm   (Singapore)
  • 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm  (Melbourne, Australia)
  • 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm (Auckland, New Zealand)

Online platform

The course will be delivered via Zoom Video Conferencing (participants do not require a paid account).  We also use online collaboration tools including Google Drive and Jamboard, and WhatsApp for connecting as a group between sessions.  We may also explore other collaboration platforms of interest to participants.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand whole-person online facilitation (including barriers and opportunities)
  • Understand the role of a facilitator and group development cycles
  • Create an empowering group purpose and safe group culture
  • Explore aspects of whole personhood and being present to self, others and the group
  • Recognise and work with different energy levels in self, others and the group
  • Practise facilitation processes, techniques and interventions in a group
  • Become comfortable with a range of behaviours and effectively manage conflict
  • Practice online facilitation and working with online collaboration platforms
  • Learning together with other facilitation professionals
  • Create meaningful connections online

Who is it for?

The Art of Facilitation has been developed for facilitators with varying levels of facilitation experience working in government, community and/or business sectors as it meets people at their own level of expertise. It is also suitable for team leaders, community facilitators, consultants and emerging facilitators and will be adapted to meet the specific needs of the group.

The group will have a maximum of 12 participants.

Additional information on Zenergy Stage 1: The Art of Facilitation


Simone is our Zenergy Trainer in Melbourne Australia and has been a trainer with Zenergy Global since 2013. She was born in Leipzig, Germany on the land of the Saxon people. In 2015 she relocated from New Zealand to Australia and brought the Zenergy work with her. Simone is active with the Victorian Facilitators Network (VFN) and also delivers Zenergy programs in Europe and the UK. Since establishing in Australia, Zenergy Global Australia has been growing and had several programs delivered all over the world. Simone is an experienced facilitator, coach and trainer working in government, corporate business and community sector. She is passionate about helping leaders to embed the spirit of collaborative leadership and sees whole-person facilitation skills essential to effective collaboration.


Corina is our Zenergy Trainer in Europe and has been using whole-person technology for the last 20 years. Corina gets teams into flow and unleashing their collective intelligence to solve their biggest challenges and serve their purpose.  Corina is super passionate about helping facilitators, project managers, leaders and entrepreneurs up level their online and in-person collaboration skills.




2,500 AUD ex. GST / 1,500 GBP / 1,750 EUR (corporate, business and government)
1,800 AUD ex. GST (community and not-for-profit)
750 AUD ex. GST (reviewer - someone who has done this course before)
Please contact us for not-for-profit and reviewer rates in other currencies, and to discuss the availability of student and low-income prices.

Early Bird: 10% discount if registered and payment received by Sunday 10 September 2023

Cost includes:

  • Soft copy of Participant Course Manual
  • 40 hours of experiential training
  • Certificate of attendance

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