Whole Person Creative Facilitation Training

22 July 2019 in Brisbane

A One Day Introduction into Zenergy whole person facilitation training. This workshop focuses on the use of creativity in facilitation in order to keep up the energy of the group and to keep participants engaged on many different levels.

Learn the power of being a whole person facilitator.

Are you interested in:

- Keeping the energy flowing in a group?

- Make your meetings more creative, effective and fun?

- Feeling more energised after your facilitation and team meetings?

- Reading the group better?

- Learning how to work with different levels and energies in your group?

- Being more creative and playful in your facilitation?

If any of these interest you, you are definitely at the right place.

“A group, like each individual in it, is multidimensional and operating on many different levels. Group facilitation works within and between these different levels. This is part of the magic or alchemy of being a facilitator. A facilitator working on different levels may appear to people in groups as a magician.” Dale Hunter and colleagues: The Art of Facilitation

Whole person facilitation refers to the skills of a facilitator to use different aspects of our human existence to generate holistic solutions to the problems we work with. These aspects include for example the use of multisensory learning styles that stimulate Head – (Conception and logical thinkers), Heart – (Emotionally tuned and caring), Belly – (Using intuition to access knowledge without thinking first) and Hands – Being in action and learning by doing and experiencing).

This workshop will introduce participants into the ways of being a whole person facilitator and the skills needed to facilitate group and team processes in a whole person and creative way. The programme will be experiential and full of practical tools that facilitators can experience, learn, embody and take home with them. We will use tools of dialoguing, improvisation, role-play, creative arts and many other processes to explore the wisdom in the group around the subject of what the world needs now.

The programme is supported by a depth of resources developed by Zenergy Global, published in “The Art of Facilitation”, “The Essence of Facilitation” and “Co-operacy – a new way of being at work”. Dr. Dale Hunter, the founder of the Zenergy methodology was a co-author in all three books.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the role of a facilitator
  • Whole person facilitation approach to facilitate self, others and the group
  • How to read the group
  • How to shift levels in a group to include all aspects of the whole person
  • Improvisation in the unknown
  • The use of creative resources and processes
  • Intervention skills in an unknown and emerging future
  • How to be a whole person facilitator

What is included?

  • A 40+ page manual with lots of frameworks, useful resources and information
  • Experiential training activities
  • In the moment coaching to enhance your practice
  • Powerful feedback tools
  • Access to a community of facilitators who have been trained in this approach
  • All catering – morning and afternoon teas, lunch (dietary needs can be catered for, just ask)

Who is it for?

  • Facilitators, Trainers, Coaches
  • Team leaders, Managers, Consultants
  • Change Managers and Organisational Development Consultants

What do participants say?

“I thought I was a facilitator before I did this course and I realised that I was but that there is so much more to it and that I can bring all of myself in a way, I never thought was possible.” David Pecotic, Australian Federal Government.

Event details

Dates: 22 July 2019
Sessions: 9am - 4.30pm
Venue: South Brisbane, TBC


Full Price:                 $495
Early Bird Price

(till 31 May 2019):

AFN Combination Price:    $375




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