Facilitation Master Class

02 - 04 December 2020 in Melbourne Region

The Master Class is an experiential training programme in which participants develop their skills and understanding of facilitation around their identified leading edges.

Master Classes are events for experienced group Facilitators and focus on developing advanced skills in facilitation.

Specific aspects of facilitation are identified by each of the class participants. Each participant works on their own self identified ‘leading edge’, and receives coaching from the programme leaders; and with the assistance of the group, to take their facilitation towards mastery.

These ‘leading edges’ are then brought to the Master Class and studied in-depth towards attaining mastery. Senior Zenergy programme leaders work alongside each participant coaching them as they facilitate the group. Participants are also given the opportunity to coach one another.

Leading edges can be for example:

1) Something you feel is a stretch in your facilitation (in Self; 1:1; and/or Group Facilitation)

2) Something you want to learn to expand your toolbox (e.g. New processes like Open Space ...)

3) Something you are avoiding in your portfolio ... (like "Conflict" or "Strategy" or "Creativity" or "Purpose Development")

4) Something you are already good at and like to develop further Mastery in ... (e.g. Recording, Presence, Strategic Questions ...)

Aspects of facilitation chosen by participants may include a small selection from:

Expanding group consciousness
Presence and presencing
Generating collective intelligence
Facilitated storytelling
Working in the moment / improvisation
Self Organising Networks and Groups (SONG’s)
Generating social change towards a sustainable world
Working with energy
Working with conflict
Analysis of group process
Designing organisational interventions
Blended realities – F2F and online
Designing powerful follow-up
Project, process and workshop design
Evaluation and assessment

Event details

Dates: Tuesday  2 December 2020 - Friday 04 December 2020
Sessions: Tuesday 10am - 5.30pm
Wednesday - Thursday 9am - 5.30pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
Venue: To be advised

About the Trainers


Laurel Freeland joined Zenergy in 2016 after using the materials in the corporate world for many years.  She uses a social ecological lens to help people make connections between social, environmental and economic equity.  She has 15 years’ experience in Educating for Sustainability, collaborating to train 2000 teachers around Australia to integrate sustainability principles across occupational sectors.  She is a mentor in Al Gore’s Climate Reality program, runs workshops in Paul Hawken’s Drawdown training, and facilitates Deep Ecology and Eco Intelligence workshops.  She sees the Zenergy facilitation method as an essential skill set for those working in social and ecological change in the domains of business, government and community.


Simone Maus has been a trainer with Zenergy Global since 2013.  In 2015 she relocated from New Zealand to Australia and brought the Zenergy work with her. Simone is active with the Victorian Facilitators Network (VFN) and also delivers Zenergy programs in Europe and the UK.  Since establishing in Australia, Zenergy Global Australia has been growing and had several programmes delivered all over the country. Simone is an experienced facilitator, coach and trainer working in government, corporate business and community sector. Simone also works as a Culture Transformation Partner with The Zone Global Partnership (thezone.co) using the cooperative processes developed by Zenergy Global to transform organisational development towards more collaboration. 




Full Price: $2500
NFP, Community, Low Income Price: $1800
Early Bird: 10% discount, if registered before 2 November 2020
Reviewer* Price $1200 - Full, $950 - NFP (*Someone who has attended the Master Class before)
Scholarships: Zenergy Global offers two scholarship seats on every course. Please inquire below.

Cost Includes

  • Morning and afternoon tea refreshments
  • Course Manual,
  • 4 days training,
  • Certificate of Attendance

The work of the Master Class takes place within an environment of powerful presence and collective inquiry. Knowledge is generated within a context of a specific purpose or intent which allows for mastery to be accessed directly from the unknown.

This co-created new knowledge then immediately informs each participating facilitator’s work and is also integrated into the other modules of the Diploma of Facilitation. In this way the work of Zenergy is constantly in development as participative action research.


Two Master Classes are required modules towards the completion of the Zenergy Diploma in Facilitation. Stage One; The Art of Facilitation and Stage Two; The Essence of Facilitation are prerequisites for attending the Masterclasses.

More about the Master Class and the Zenergy Diploma can be found by clicking on the links.


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