We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Diploma of Facilitation

The Zenergy Diploma of Facilitation is a modular two-four year programme designed to provide in-depth training for facilitators.

Leadership Training

We train leaders and team members in the skills that help to create co-operacy.

Team Building

We help to bring the love back into the team.

Facilitation Services

As facilitators we provide process expertise, engagement and direction for your next meeting, workshop or event

Effective Meetings

We build skills in how to structure effective meetings and enable participation.


We help leaders and facilitators explore directions.

Sina Saffari Writer and Event Organiser at Watkins Media
"It’s hard to completely capture the magic that happens at Zenergy in words. Apart from providing a comprehensive and dynamic set of skills that can be put into practice on a personal and organisational level, Zenergy goes above and beyond the ordinary. We learned to connect with a source of intelligence unique to our group yet larger than the contributions of each member. What emerged was truly spectacular and immensely powerful. An empowering and life changing experience."
Rick Daly Facilitator, The Zone
Zenergy is a unique journey of transformation as a facilitator and a person. The deeper one goes the more profound the personal impact – it’s a game changer .
Ryan DeBruyn Visa Business Banking Consultant

“I really valued learning from the group, watching others and how the coaches caught exactly what was missing in that person’s facilitation and how to fix it...The coaches were magnificent and held the group very well. Written words really can’t capture everything that I found valuable in this space. Such an incredibly beautiful process to bring people together”


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