Zenergy facilitates collaboration.

We create and deliver transformational facilitation training experiences aligned with Zenergy's vision of whole people cooperating in a sustainable world.



Zenergy is a cooperative group of facilitators, trainers and coaches. We work with individuals and groups transitioning to new ways of being and doing to authentically engage with the complexity and challenges of our time.

We bring deep facilitation experience developed and applied in social ecology, sustainability, organisational development and education sectors. Zenergy's facilitators are active members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and Australasian Facilitators Network (AFN) and contributed to the development of the facilitators declaration of a climate and living systems emergency.

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Zenergy practices authentic whole-person facilitation informed by the principles and processes presented in The Art of Facilitation, The Essence of Facilitation, and Co-operacy, all written by Zenergy leaders.

We understand that we are relational beings - we exist in relationship to each other and to our world. Our work acknowledges the whole person (our holistic selves) - we work with our head, heart, gut, hands and feet to co-create authentic and powerful learning experiences. We are open to emergence and collective intelligence in groups.

We deliver in-person, online and as blended facilitation training and coaching services tailored to the individual and collective needs of those we are working with.



Zenergy's Australian trainers and coaches live and work on Woi-wurrung Country / Melbourne and Dja Dja Wurrung Country / Newstead (Central Victoria). We acknowledge Traditional Owners and custodians of Country through our work, informed by Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing.



Zenergy was established in Aotearoa / New Zealand in 1993 by Dale Hunter and colleagues in response to an identified gap in facilitation training. Zenergy went beyond developing a toolkit of facilitation techniques and processes by exploring and working with the whole people, group dynamics and cooperacy. This opened-up new ways of working in groups and led to greater engagement and more effective outcomes. Zenergy's work has always been in-service to whole people cooperating in a sustainable world.

Zenergy provides facilitation training through Zenergy Global (Aotearoa / New Zealand), Zenergy Global Australia (Australia), and Zenergy Unlimited (Europe).


Clients and participants

We work with individuals and organisations from the community, business and government sectors. Recent clients and participant organisations include:

    • Cucumber
    • Democracy Co
    • Downer Group
    • Guide Dogs Queensland
    • NSW Aboriginal Affairs
    • NSW Health
    • Prosocial World
    • The University of Melbourne
    • The University of Queensland
    • The Zone


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