Simone Maus (pic)

Simone Maus

Trainer, Facilitator and Coach
Tech. Wizard & Corporate Helper

"I love seeing people energised and engaged at the end of long online workshops. I know I have done my job when people don’t want to leave the screen and are vitalised and amazed how nourishing it can be to connect online. Since COVID 19, I have made it my mission to help the planet by making online connections accessible and enjoyable through skillful online facilitation.”


Simone is an experienced facilitator, coach and facilitation skills trainer working in government, corporate business and community sectors. She brings enthusiasm and passion to group facilitation, supporting practical and meaningful engagement.

Simone is a facilitation specialist with considerable experience delivering engaging, multi-day events for large and small groups in online and in-person settings. She is also a specialist in online and in-person meeting design and facilitation.

Simone was part of the New Zealand-based team that brought Zenergy Global into being in 2013, and also initiated and funded the development of Zenergy Australia in 2014. She is also the founder of Collective Insight, a company focussed on helping leaders and organisations with collective decision-making. 

Simone grew up in Leipzig, East Germany and has lived in several English-Speaking countries, including UK, USA and New Zealand since 2000. Simone moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2013. 


Relevant Experiences

  • Technical Facilitation Skills Training

“Zenergy (Simone) is committed to designing highly tailored courses which will exceed expectations and leave your team feeling highly energised.” Charlotte 

  • Technical facilitation and participatory workshop design of virtual live discussions

"The transition from training face-to-face in the classroom, to the online environment, has been a steep learning curve for many teachers and trainers. There are certainly facilitation skills that can be transferred to the online training space, but it can be a challenge to harness these while attention is diverted to dealing with technical issues. Technical facilitation, when it is available, is invaluable in making sure new tools are used smoothly, and the trainer and teacher can concentrate on the task of engaging, teaching and learning.” – Dr Lynda Lawson, Teacher and training manager

  • “The Art of Facilitation Online Programme “, “The Essence of Facilitation” “Zenergy Master Class

Video Testimonials

Accreditations & Memberships

MA in AdultEd, Diploma in Facilitation
International Association of Facilitators member
Australasian Facilitators Network member


Profile: Linkedin Facilitation Training